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One of the most popular hill stations in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Dalhousie is well-known for its amazing natural beauty and pleasant climate The hill station owes

much to its founder Lord Dalhousie for its fame and glory. Situated in the lap of the Himalayan mountain range, Dalhousie is situated at an average height of 8000 feet. One of the favourite places of the British during British Raj, this hilly terrain houses a large number of Victorian style mansions.

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Often referred as Mini Switzerland, Khajjiar is a popular hill station located in the Himalayan mountain range about 21 km from Hotel SS International in Dalhousie

Vast expanse of green meadows and dense forests besides vistas of majestic snow-clad Himalayan peaks make Khajjiar a popular destination with tourists. The picturesque landscape of Khajjiar has acted as a magnet for tourists from across the world. It is popular destination with trekkers too.

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The Kalatop Wild Life Sanctuary is one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh range about 10 km from Hotel SS International in Dalhousie

It is expanded over an area of 1962 hectares the sanctuary is Kalatop Wild Life Sanctuary Dalhousie irrigated by the River which is known as Ravi.You can also see the beautiful or attractive hills,associated with snow-capped mountains,the valleys,the villages,the rich greenery and the hardness of the neighborhood from the place.Most visitors treat the place as a local picnic spot.

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Panchpula is located at a distance of around 5 km from Hotel SS Internationl in Dalhousie. One of the famous picturesque spots in the region, the word Panchpula means five bridges.

It is the place where a descending stream pours into and feeds several pools. A monument or a samadhi has been built where several streams meet at Panchpula in the memory of Sardar Ajit Singh, who was a great revolutionary.Panchpula (means five bridges) is a site of natural beauty with lovely streams rushing into a number of pools.

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Dainkund Valley

Often termed as the 'Singing Hill', Dainkund Peak is one of the highly recommended places to visit in Dalhousie about 10km from Hotel SS International in Dalhousie

One can enjoy refreshing views of the green hills, valleys and plains while they're here. But what makes it stand out is the enchanting view of the three rivers – Chenab, Ravi and Beas, that weave through these greens below and enhance the beauty of this place manifold.

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Chamera Lake

The Chamera Lake, located in Chamba District, is a popular tourist spot of Himachal Pradesh. Located at a distance of 35 km from Hotel SS International in Dalhousie,

at an altitude of 1700 m, Chamera Lake is a reservoir formed by the Chamera Dam. Being a major source of water supply for the villages surrounding the lake and continuously fed by the Ravi River, the water levels in the lake ranges at an average of 750 m. Nestled in a valley in the midst of pine forests, the lake is an excellent site for activities like fishing, angling and boating. Himachal Pradesh Tourism department has built a boat house adjacent to the lake which has facilities for water sports like river rafting, motor boating, canoeing, and kayaking. Other than the water sport activities, pedal boats and rowing boats are also available for the tourists. The Chamera Hydel Electric Project, one of the main hydel projects of Himachal Pradesh, is situated nearby.

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Bharmour (Chaurasi)

Bharmour(Chaurasi Temple) is located in the center of Bharmour town and it holds immense religious importance because of temples built around 1400 years ago. Located at a distance of 113 km from Hotel ss International in Dalhousie. Life of people in Bharmour centres around the

temple complex-Chaurasi, named so because of 84 shrines built in the periphery of Chaurasi Temple. Chaurasi is hindi word for number eighty four. The beautiful shikhara style temple of Manimahesh occupies the center of the complex. It is believed that when 84 Siddhas, who had come from kurukshetra, were passing through Bharmour to visit Manimahesh, they fell in love with the calmness of Bharmour and reconciled to meditate here. Chaurasi Temple Complex was built approximately in 7th century, although repairs of many temples have been carried out in later period.

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Saach Pass

Sach Pass is a 4,420-metre-high (14,500 ft) mountain pass in Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh, India on the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas Located at a distance of 148 km from Hotel SS International in Dalhousie. It connects the Chamba valley

with the Pangi valleys of Himachal Pradesh, India.It is the shortest route to Killar. With the completion of this road (Sach Pass) the distance from Pathankot to Leh via Saach pass has been reduced to 670 km while the distance from Pathankot to Leh via Manali is 800 km (497 mi). So this road can be used by Indian Army. The road is narrow and unmetalled. It is the gateway to the Pangi Valley. It is the shortest and toughest route from Chamba to the Killar (170 km) and was newly constructed.

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Chamba is a town in the Chamba district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, in northern India .Located at a distance of 54 km from Hotel SS International in Dalhousie. According to the 2001 Indian census the town is situated on the banks of the Ravi River, at its confluence with

the Sal River. The temples erected by rajas of Chamba more than a thousand years ago continue to be under worship and the land grant-deeds executed on copper plates by them continue to be valid under the law.

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